Did Kitty Marion blow up the Cactus House in Alexandra Park?

On the night of 10th November 1913 residents in the locality of Alexandra Park were woken ‘at about 4.20am by a terrific explosion which caused serious alarm and brought many people into the streets’.  The Cactus House in Alexandra Park was found to have been damaged by the detonation of a pipe bomb, with no harm to human life. Find out more here: Suffragette Bomb in Manchester 1913.

The perpetrator was later thought to be music hall star and militant suffragette, Kitty Marion. Less well known than Emily Davison, who famously threw herself in front of the King’s horse, and Moss Side local Emmeline Pankhurst, Kitty Marion endured multiple force feedings and waged a campaign of arson and destruction in aid of her cause. More about Kitty Marion can be found here: Kitty Marion: Edwardian England’s Most Dangerous Woman.

Photo here: The Chief Constable and staff attend cactus house in Alexandra Park after a suspected bomb attack by the Suffragettes on November 11th 1913.


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